Laurie Maclachlan

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I feel very confident about my financial future.


My name is Laurie Maclachlan. I’ve been with Permanent Wealth for roughly 10 years, and the name of my adviser is Adam Walkom.

So, 10 years ago I was approaching my late 30s and I had separated from my partner, and I was heading down the track of a rebuild of where I was going to live and putting in place appropriate insurances and cover for my children and I decided that I needed some expert assistance with financial planning.

There were a few things that prompted my decision to go with Permanent Wealth. The first one was their speed of follow up was excellent, they followed up immediately to my request and arranged to have me come in and meet them in person, which I felt was important when talking about my my financial affairs. When I met my adviser, Adam Walkom, he was very empathetic to my personal situation, he was very encouraging and positive about how I could rearrange my finances.

My financial future, since working with Permanent Wealth, has definitely improved significantly. First of all, I’ve got great visibility into a longer-term plan, I can adjust my risk preference anytime. We have, at the very least an annual review, where we get a holistic view of everything that’s changed every year. Certainly, in the last 10 years, my priorities have changed significantly.

Working with Permanent Wealth, gives me a lot of reassurance. Reassurance that I’m working with experts and in particular reassurance, that I actually do have a very well-defined plan for not only my own financial affairs, but also, my children’s financial affairs, and my mother’s financial affairs.

We have regular financial reviews, we look at all of my finances holistically and I like the fact that every decision that is made, whilst they give me professional advice, it’s me that ultimately makes a decision, and so I feel fully in control of the whole situation.

The three words I would use to describe Permanent Wealth, and my financial adviser, Adam in particular, would be, first of all “trustworthy”, second of all, highly “empathetic” to my personal situation and lastly, very “well-connected” to other financial experts.

The best piece of advice they have given me is to set a personal risk profile, but stay invested irrespective of how the market performs. Obviously, we’ve been through several periods of extreme crisis in the UK economy, but regularly paying into the funds has definitely paid dividends when the markets have taken an upswing. So for me, that’s the best piece of advice they’ve given me.

I would absolutely recommend Adam and Permanent Wealth. I’ve trusted them with my finances for over 10 years, they put in place for me a complete program, looking at my pension situation, my tax situation, my stocks and shares, my mortgage, so they’ve helped me in every aspect of my finances, and it’s been a pleasure working with them.