Peter Duckworth

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I feel that Permanent Wealth is a firm that you can trust.


Morning. I’m Peter.

I’m a practising barrister but at the tail end of my career in law, and in the last few years I’ve got interested in financial services.

I work at the Barley Mow Centre in Chiswick, and there I met Adrian and Adam of Permanent Wealth Partners. How that happened is that about a year ago they held a seminar in this building about pensions, and as I’m nearing the end of my career, this was of interest to me.

So I came along to the seminar and duly met Adrian and Adam and was very impressed with them. Their message was spot on. I needed to know about the choices I had as a pension holder. I wasn’t satisfied with my existing arrangements because I knew so little about them.

However, when I did get to know Adam and Adrian, I found that they were very informative and had some good products. And bit by bit, we took the view, my wife and I, that it was time that we transferred our pension arrangements into better hands.

Permanent Wealth Partners had the right contacts and the right entry points to make this a worthwhile experience.

When we did begin the process of transfer, there were client meetings. We felt very much at the centre and in the driving seat of what was going on. And we felt that Adam, who conducted these interviews, was very knowledgeable, knew exactly what the best recommendations were.

So we kind of listened to his advice and accepted it. And since then, we felt very much more in control of our retirement plans. I feel that we have made some good decisions with regard to investment and deployment of capital.

And the great thing about Adam and Adrian is that they’re approachable, friendly, easy to deal with. You always feel in safe hands and we’ve never had any question about that. So we’ve stuck with them and I think it’s working out well.

I am the managing director of Niche Capital, which operates from this building, and we set up complex financial transactions, so I know how important procedure is and how important client care is.

One of the things that impressed me about Permanent Wealth is their degree of client care. They looked after us very well and they continue to do so. There’s a high level of personal interaction, and meetings are called whenever needed. I never have any difficulty getting through to them. Response speed is virtually immediate, and the drudgery of filling in financial forms and so on is taken away from us, but by their staff, who largely complete the forms themselves, and then we have to sign them.

Well, in conclusion, I feel that Permanent Wealth is a firm that you can trust.

We gave them a brief. They carried it out completely. We’re happy with the result. And anytime we need tweaks, I know that I can go back to them and they will carry out our wishes or give us the advice that we need.

Permanent Wealth gives a rounded service that we’re very happy with. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to colleagues and friends.