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Lighting the Way

Lighting the Way is an all-encompassing lifestyle and financial journey planner we have spent many years developing and refining. It was built by and is unique to us at Permanent Wealth Partners.

To start, we spend time asking you the questions that really matter about what you want to achieve and how you want to do it. Once we have this information and using our years of expertise we start to light the way by creating a financial and lifestyle plan for the journey of the rest of your life. Only once we agreed the structure of the plan with you, then we use evidence-based investing methods to create the optimum low-cost portfolio to ensure the plan is a success, thereby achieving those specific earlier goals we discussed. 

It’s a symbiotic process where each part is essential and all three parts work together. Most of our competitors will do one or maybe 2 of these if you’re lucky. We are very proud of our bespoke process and we know our clients are as well, because its been built just for them.


  • What do you want to do with your life?
  • What is important to you?
  • Would you like to leave a legacy for your family or charity?


  • Built around what is needed to achieve the above goals
  • Focus on short, medium and long-term targets
  • Use sophisticated cashflow forecasting tools to light the way ahead
  • Ensure you are being tax-efficient in all your decisions, using allowances and reliefs where available.


  • Built specifically around short, medium and long-term targets above
  • Thereby in-keeping with overall goals
  • Use evidence-based investing theory and focus on keeping costs low as possible.
  • Use higher equity content for longer-term goals thereby letting the market do the work

WeatlhPartner –
Your trusted guide

Your WealthPartner will be your primary contact at Permanent Wealth Partners at all times. They are responsible for taking you through this whole process and then stick with you you’re your entire journey. Life changes, plans change, goals change. No matter. Your WealthPartner is your trusted guide throughout this process and beyond, able to answer all your questions, helping you through tough market conditions and constantly reviewing and updating the plans when rules and markets change.