West London

Permanent Wealth Partners

Our value proposition

We’re proud of the enormous value we add to our clients, whether it be significantly increasing their wealth, saving them thousands in tax or simply just having peace of mind that their finances are organised and looked after by a professional who has their best interests at heart.

The ongoing reason why clients choose to work with us will be if we can demonstrate we provide considerable value, well beyond the level of our fees. That just makes sense.

As we are independent financial planners we do not receive any commissions from any recommendation into either investments or pensions. The only person who pays fees to us are the client. Therefore, if we have a bias, it is towards our clients. Exactly as it should be. There are still commissions paid for insurance products and mortgages but these payments are made clear to you during the process.

If ever a client decides they want to stop working with us, they simply request to turn the ongoing fee off. We have no exit charges, no lock-in periods. We only want to work with clients to whom we are adding significant value.

We will not begin any work with you until we have agreed all fees. That is fair on everyone and we proudly stand by our results.

We have a 3-stage process for our work with you.

1. Initial meeting – this meeting is at our cost

During this meeting we look to fully understand you as the person. Your goals, hopes, dreams and fears. We also need to know the background financial situation as well. This allows us to build out our financial report and recommendations.

At the end of the initial meeting we will outline our charges based on our understanding of the work required. Every person has different needs and requirements so it is impossible to fit everybody into a simple charging template.

If, after this initial meeting, you choose to work with us we will provide you with the following:

  • Full summary of your future financial and life goals as well as mitigation of major risks
  • Bespoke built financial plan designed specifically for you to achieve those goals, normally broken down into short, medium and longer-term objectives.
  • Full cashflow analysis providing detailed summary of your future finances
  • Recommendations on cash, investments and pensions that utilise available tax reliefs and specifically tailored to your objectives and using the best, low-cost funds available.
  • Summary of discussion on how you view investment risk and our understanding of how risk plays a part in your portfolio.

2. Implementation

If you choose to take this further and would like to implement the financial plan and recommendation we discussed we charge a small implementation fee. 

We then will require you to complete out onboarding process and potentially complete some provider application forms.

3. Ongoing service

Virtually every client chooses us because they want us to be their WealthPartner for their journey. We don’t like doing one-off work because that is not where we provide long-term value. We provide regular reviews and portfolio analysis to make sure you stay on track towards your goals. 

We constantly refer back to the original discussions around your overall goals, because that is what drives the financial plan, which in turn directs us to the suitable portfolio construction. If they change, then everything changes and its very important for both of us to keep on top of this.