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At retirement
Thinking about what retirement means to you?	Thinking about what retirement means to you?

Thinking about what retirement means to you?

Retirement is now different for every single person which raises a lot of questions

How much will I need to retire?
Do I have enough to lead the life I want to live?
Are my current pensions able to support me?
How can I draw income tax effectively?
We can help with all these questions and more

Retirement planning done right

Retirement no longer has a single definition. Every single retirement is unique just like every single person is unique. 

When thinking about your retirement we go into great detail and your Wealth Partner will take you through our trusted process. Drawing income and using the capital that you’ve built over your lifetime requires very different specialist advice than when you are building your capital. Our goal for every retirement plan is to ensure it stands the test of time. Your Wealth Partner will work with you through this, guiding you every step of the way to ensure we correct the right plan for you, then work with you over time to constantly update and adjust the plan if required. 

We can’t stop time. But we can make it work for all of us.

“I felt reassured every step of the way, and feel confident in the plan we created together.”

FAQs about Retirement Planning

We use highly detailed cashflow modelling software to determine if we believe you will have enough funds to live the lifestyle you want to in the future. If not, we will then provide recommendations on how to improve the situation

Most pensions are technically held in a trust so therefore are outside of your estate when inheritance tax is calculated. This makes pensions a key factor when considering your legacy for the next generation.

It depends. Most modern pensions have a tax-free element 

No, not necessarily. We will review all your pensions and investments in order to properly understand your situation. However, a number of older pensions don’t have the ability to pay income flexibly, as the rules allow these days, so we may recommend you to transfer it.