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Permanent Wealth Partners

Generational wealth planning

A number of our clients are Entrepreneurs, sports people or business professionals who have worked extremely hard and are now in a fantastic position to be more concerned about protecting their wealth rather than taking any great risks to increase it through investing. 

We often discuss with clients the concept of “throwing money over the wall” which is slang for setting aside an amount of money that is considered untouchable by them to protect their family from any future risk-taking venture they may consider. 

We specialise in creating bespoke legal and tax-effective structures that help protect these assets not just from unnecessary tax, but also inflation and other potential future curveballs that life may throw at them.

We work with specialist attorneys, accountants and whichever other specialists required in order to ensure all legal and tax aspects are covered by experts. All through this process, your WealthPartner acts as your protector and guide, fiercely guarding your time and being the point person to collate and organise all the necessary details required.